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What is Club Volleyball?

Club volleyball is an opportunity for girls and boys ages 10-18 of varying abilities to develop their skills through training and competition. It is a select sport where you must attend a scheduled tryout and be chosen for a team based upon skill, athletic level, and potential. Club volleyball is more competitive than league volleyball where anyone can sign up and play with others recreationally and socially depending on age requirements.

Austin Junior Volleyball is an elite junior volleyball club sanctioned through USA Volleyball and through the Lone Star Region.


How much is it to tryout?

The early bird tryout fee is $50. If you register after the early registration period, the fee is $100. The early registration period ends 2 weeks prior to the first day of the tryout. The fee covers court time and evaluations. There are no refunds once registered.  If you do not show up or if you try out for another club and choose to stay with them, you forfeit your registration fee.

When are AJV tryouts?

See our tryout dates on the Tryouts Page. These are typically posted in March.

We hold our tryouts in the summer. 15s-18s are typically in July, before high school tryouts begin. 14s and under typically tryout in early August, before school begins.

If we still have available spots, we will hold supplemental tryouts throughout the fall.

What is the age group I should tryout for?

Austin Juniors requires that everyone tryout in their predetermined age groups. Some players do play up, but at the request of Austin Junior Volleyball only. If you are unsure, sign up for the age group set by your birthday and contact Michael Garcia at

How can I register for tryouts?

Visit our Tryouts Page to see tryout dates and times for your age group. Dates are posted in March and tryouts remain open for registration until the day of. We accept walk-ins at tryouts, but we do not guarantee you will receive a t-shirt in your size.


If the tryout dates have passed, we occasionally have spots on our teams to fill. You can view these open spots and register for a supplemental tryout on the Tryouts Page

What if I cannot attend one day of the tryout?

If you are unable to attend one or both of the tryout days, you can still be considered for a team. However, this limits the opportunity to be seen. The more the evaluators see you, the more accurate your evaluation will be.

If you are going to miss one day of the tryout, you must e-mail Michael Garcia prior to June 1 to discuss the options to make-up the days.

When will I know if I made a team and which one that is?

Every athlete will have a tryout number.  We will post who was selected at the end of the second day of tryouts by their tryout number.  If selected, you will then meet with your team and start to fill out paperwork and contracts.

If I was named an alternate, how long should I wait before I make other plans?

We require the athletes chosen to make their decision the second night of tryouts.  If someone declines at that time, we will call the alternates to fill the open position.  If you have not heard within 72 hours, we have typically filled any open positions.

What should I bring to tryouts?

  1. Parent or legal guardian must accompany player to the tryout sessions on day 2 to sign paperwork and submit initial deposit
  2. Water bottle
  3. Appropriate volleyball attire

Parents are not allowed in the gym area or hallway during the tryout process.  There is an upstairs viewing area at both locations.  Please do not try to get the player's attention for any reason during the tryout. This only hinders the players from having their full focus on what we are asking them to accomplish. In some circumstances, an AJV staff person may want to discuss options for your player.  Please make yourself available so that these types of conversations will not lengthen the tryout time.  We understand that this is a stressful time for players and families, and we will always try our best to help make this experience enjoyable and educational.


What are the fees for club volleyball?

Download the 2019-2020 fees by team. Fees for the 2020-2021 season may or may not be similar.

The fees cover the cost of gym rental, equipment, uniforms (including shoes) for the 13's to 18's (shoes will be available at a discounted price to the 10s-12s), practice gear, USAV registration, tournament entry fees, coaches salaries, administrative fees, and printing costs. All AJV players will have access to two full-time college recruiting coordinators.

Fees do not include: airfare, hotels, food, any ground transportation to and from practice sessions and out-of-town tournaments, or shopping. Hotels for teams will not be included in your club fees.

**Additional equipment will be provided for teams scheduled to practice 3 nights a week.

A non-refundable $600 deposit is due immediately following tryouts for those selected to a 13s through 18s team and a non-refundable $500 deposit is due for those selected to a 10s through 12s team. The remaining balance is spread out in monthly payments. Once accepting a spot on a team, the remaining balance of the dues is non-refundable.

How do I get involved with the AJV Work Program?

Please reference the Financial Assistance section of our website for more information.

How do I apply for Financial Assistance?

Please reference the Financial Assistance section of our website for more information.


What tournaments will my team play in?

View the 2019-2020 Tournament Schedule by team. This is subject to change during the season and varies each year. 

You can view your team's schedule by logging in on the website or on the AJV app. 

How often do AJV teams travel?

All of our teams 10s-17s (unless specified otherwise) will have one travel tournament to Dallas, Tx to participate in the Lone Star Classic Junior National Qualifier.  

The 10-12s will play mostly in the Austin area besides Lone Star. The 12 Mizuno team will continue all the way through the summer (either USA Junior Nationals or AAUs).

The 13s Mizuno, 13 Molten Navy, and Cedar Park teams will travel to Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. All other 13 & under teams will play mostly in the Austin area besides Lone Star.  13 Mizuno and 13 Molten will also have an additional out of state qualifier and will continue all the way through the summer (either USA Junior Nationals or AAUs). This is included in all the fees.

The 14s-17s Mizuno, Molten, and Helix teams will have two out-of-state tournament which flights will be required. 14 Navy and Cedar Park teams will have one out of state tournament which flights will be required and their season ends at Regionals unless they qualify for Nationals. 14s -17s Mizuno, 14s-17s Molten, and 14s - 17s Helix teams will also continue all the way through the summer (either USA Junior Nationals or AAUs). This is included in all the fees.

The 18s Mizuno, Molten, Navy, and Cedar Park teams will have will have a shorter season than the 14s-17s.  The 18s Mizuno, Molten, and Helix teams will continue all the way through the May to USA Junior Nationals.

What if I am unable to go with my athlete on a trip?

If you are unable to travel, you have the option of putting them on the same flight as your coach and they will make sure they get where they need to go.  Please make sure to notify your coach that they are your athlete's travel companion.

Another option is to ask a teammates parent to help in the travel process.

Will I miss any school?

All teams attending any National Qualifiers (Lone Star, Crossroads, PNQ, MEQ, NEQ, Show Me, or Big South) will miss one day of school to participate. Depending on what time you fly out, you may miss another day for travel.

All of our teams attend the Lone Star National qualifier in April.


When will my team practice?

View the 2019-2020 practice schedule by team.

All teams will practice at least twice a week (a total of 4 hours). 15-18 Mizuno, Navy, and Cedar Park teams will practice three times a week through Spring Break. Practice times range from 10:30am-9:30pm on Sundays and from 5:30pm-9:30pm Mondays through Thursdays. 

Where does Austin Juniors practice?

We use several facilities in the Austin area to reach as many families as possible. 

Our Central teams (Navy, Red, White) will practice at the Austin Sports Center (ASC) Central or the St. Michael's Athletic Center (SMAC). Our Cedar Park teams (Cedar Park, Toro, Grande) practice at the ASC Cedar Park. Our Mizuno, Molten, and Helix teams will practice at any or all of these facilities.

What if I am unable to make practice?

If you are unable to make a practice, let your coach know as far in advance as you can. 

What if I play multiple sports?

At Austin Junior Volleyball, we encourage multiple sport athletes. We believe that helps you become a better all around athlete. It is your responsibility to communicate any conflicts with your coach. We suggest a two week notice for all missed practices and a minimum of a month notice for any missed tournament.


Playing time

Playing time is very important to us. It is important to apply the skills and fundamentals taught in practice in a match situation. Only then can a coach and player truly realize which skills the player is proficient at and which skills require more training. Nearly every tournament the Austin Junior Volleyball teams play in are of high significance - whether they are in-region (where finish determines overall seed within the region) or out of region (typically national qualifiers, or tournaments with a lot of recruiters present). Your club membership fees go toward practice time and instruction by qualified experienced coaches, NOT playing time in tournaments. We will guarantee a "fair" amount of playing time for every player, not an "equal" amount. When assessing the amount of playing time, make sure that the comparison is being made among players that play the same position. For example, there may be only two middle hitters on a team and three outside hitters. One outside hitter must sit out, since only two outside hitters are in the game at a time. Yet the two middle hitters play all the time. More playing time is earned by being at practice and working hard to improve, as well as, executing the skills when given the opportunity to play. Coaches are advised to give everyone an opportunity to contribute their individual skills and abilities to the team during pool play matches. Those skills and abilities may include being a hitter in the front row, serving and playing defense in the back row, or playing "all the way around". When teams advance past pool play, this is the time to reward those players that have excelled when given opportunities earlier in the day. Amount of playing time for all players is at the coach's discretion and may not be equal for all players.


Process on how to handle conflicts

Throughout the season, a conflict may occur. If you have an issue, the first step is for you to encourage your child to communicate with their coach. If this does not resolve the issue, the 2nd step is for a meeting with the coach, player, and parent. The final step is to set up a meeting with the club director, coach, player, and parent. There will not be any meetings without the player present. There will not be any meeting with the club director until step one and step two has occurred.


uniforms / equipment

What if I have missing or damaged equipment?

If you are missing equipment or have damaged equipment, you need to contact your coach. They will then contact the club director. Please do not contact the club director unless notified.

Do I have to wear the gear that Austin Junior Volleyball provided?

Yes.  Austin Junior Volleyball is one of the few clubs in the entire nation that is sponsored.  Our sponsors go to great efforts to outfit and provide quality equipment to our club.  We take this very seriously so no competitor logos during any team activities (practices and tournaments).