Bradley_Truslow 21' National Championship


UPDATE: Our club and facilities are taking the health and safety of our athletes seriously. Please note the actions below are a sample of the full efforts we are taking to operate our facilities safely. With restrictions in place, we will continue training, but it will be at a limited capacity to ensure proper social distancing guidelines for the athletes.

For more information and resources, please visit our COVID-19 page.

Other Precautions:

  • Face coverings are optional.
  • No spectators allowed in the facilities during practices- restrooms are limited but available.
  • Bring your own water bottle- drinking fountains closed, except for water bottle refill fountain
  • No physical contact & players (off the court) must practice physical distancing
  • Sign-up for each individual practice session date to ensure small group training

AJV Sand trains year round! We are excited to now offer a West Austin practice location during the summer, fall, winter, and spring seasons at the new WAYA Sand Courts; as well as our main location in Cedar Park! Our main 12 week program runs in the summer, we offer a 10 week program in the fall, an 6 week program in the winter, and a 12 week club training program in the spring. Athletes can train once, twice, or three times a week (Summer- up to 6 times a week,) while competing in a variety of tournaments locally and around Texas. A tryout/evaluation is not required for the club training programs; players are separated before each practice session. You do not need a partner, but can sign-up with one.

Training is offered in Cedar Park (ASC Sand Complex) and in West Austin (WAYA sand courts) during the summer, fall, winter, and spring seasons to accommodate every athlete. We welcome all male and female athletes, as well as all AJV indoor and non AJV athletes to compete with AJV Sand. Emphasis on individual and team ball control, as well as strength and conditioning is in included.

Training will be led by AVP and FIVB beach professional Ashley Ivy. Ashley began her career at Stanford University where she won a NCAA national championship. After much success at the indoor level she transitioned to the beach to find herself competing on the USA Beach National Team. We are excited for her to be running the sand program at Austin Juniors as sand continues to grow as a NCAA scholarship sport.


Sand Tournaments: (USAV Members Ages 10-18)

AJV Sand Summer Club Training: 12 weeks; May 10th- July 28th (USAV Members Ages 10-18)

Summer Sand Academy Training (Level 2): 8 weeks; May 31st & July 28th (Ages 10-14)

Summer Sand Athletic Development Training (Level 1): 8 weeks; May 31st- July 28th (Ages 6-10)

Queen/King of the Beach Series: Friday nights, June 3rd- August 5th (Ages 10-18)

AJV Sand Fall Club Training: 12 weeks; September 13th- December 8th (USAV Members Ages 10-18)

Fall Sand Academy Level 2 Training: 8 weeks; September 27th- November 16th (Ages 10-14)

Fall Sand AD Level 1 Training: 8 weeks; September 27th- November 16th (Ages 6-10)

Thanksgiving Sand Clinics: 4 sessions; November 21st & 22nd (Ages 10-18)

Holiday Sand Clinics: 4 sessions; December 19th & 20th (Ages 10-18)

January Open Play Sessions: 3 weeks; January 3rd- 19th (Ages 10-18)

AJV Sand Spring Club Training: 12 weeks; February- April (USAV Members Ages 10-18)

Spring Sand Academy Training (Level 2): 8 weeks; March- April (Ages 10-14)

Spring Sand Athletic Development Training (Level 1): 8 weeks; March- April (Ages 6-10)

Spring Break Sand Clinics: 6 sessions; March 13th- 15th (Ages 10-18)



USAV Lone Star Membership

List of NCAA Collegiate Sand Programs & Scholarships


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Age Definitions for the 2022 Season:

  • 18U Born on or after Sept 1, 2003
  • 16U Born on or after Sept 1, 2005
  • 14U Born on or after Sept 1, 2007
  • 12U Born on or after Sept 1, 2009


Please contact sand@austinsportscenter.com with any questions.

@AJVsand On Instagram