Live Stream Information

BallerTV’s mission is to rapidly expand the spectrum of sports coverage so you’ll never miss a game again. More games mean more families staying connected, more footage means more insights, more exposure means more opportunities to get recruited. BallerTV is committed to creating opportunities for student-athletes, as well as our network of Broadcast Partners. They are creating thousands of new sports media opportunities each year and offer unprecedented access to game footage, helping student-athletes get recruited to the next level.

Be sure to use the code AJVTV signing up! See each tournament page for specific live stream links.


  • Tour of Texas Warm Up


  • Tour Pre-Qualified Tournament
  • Tour Qualifier - San Antonio


  • Southwest Boys Classic National Qualifier
  • ATX Showcase
  • Lone Star Classic 18s
  • Tour Stop 2 & TCS Stop 2 (12s only)


  • Tour Finals (12s-17s)
  • Tour Stop 2 (18s only)

April - early May

  • Lone Star Classic Weekend 1 (all locations)
  • Lone Star Warm Up
  • Lone Star Classic Weekend 2
  • Tour Finals (18s)
  • Lone Star Classic Weekend 3
  • Southwest Boys Tour Finals
  • Lone Star Regionals (12s, 13s & 14s)