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Coronavirus Info

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Coronavirus Info

Dear AJV Families:

We thank you all so much for your patience as we navigate through this coronavirus crisis. We are excited to have had our athletes successfully return to training! We believe this has gone smoothly because our staff and coaches are taking the health and safety of our athletes seriously.

AJV has put together a medical panel of trusted experts and consulted with them regularly about policies and procedures to keep our athletes safe. This page includes a brief rundown of those policies. Please note that the actions below are just a sample of the full efforts we are taking to operate our facilities and return to training safely.


Given the CDC’s announcement last week regarding face coverings for people who are fully vaccinated, AJV is updating our policy regarding face coverings while actively exercising. Effective next Monday, May 24, face coverings will be optional at practices held at AJV facilities for players and coaches while on the court and actively practicing. Face coverings must be accessible at all times (for example, a mask worn on the chin or a gator around the neck) but do not need to cover the nose and mouth while actively practicing or coaching. Face coverings are still required while entering, exiting, and moving about the ASC facility (using the restroom, filling up water bottles, etc).  

Also effective May 24, athletes and coaches will be permitted to follow the face covering policy put in place by each tournament. Previously, AJV teams were required to wear face coverings at all times regardless of tournament policy.  This new policy takes effect next week because there are several AJV teams traveling to out of state qualifiers this coming weekend and we want to minimize any chance of exposure that would prohibit them from attending these events.


  • Masks are optional for vaccinated individuals and those under 12
  • There may be spectator limits based on the program
  • Parents are allowed in the gym during private lessons
  • All practices are live streamed and available for free to AJV parents (with discount code)
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available
  • Physical distancing is encouraged while in the gym


COVID-19 Protocol for Athletes

  • Daily Self-Check.
    • Athletes (clients) participating at ASC Facility practices, training or other events, will acknowledge and agree to by action of their entry into the facility the waiver found in the AJV COVID-19 protocol document. This includes a self-check of the signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Physical Distancing when not training (water breaks).
  • Frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing with stations in facility.