About Austin sports center (ASC)

In 2002, Austin Junior Volleyball opened their first facility called ASC Central. Since then, two additional facilities have been built: ASC Cedar Park and ASC Brassfield Sand Complex. Austin Sports Center's three locations are premier facilities available for event and athletic space rentals ranging from birthday parties to consignment trade shows. The facilities offer a variety of court layout options, are open every day of the week, with the exception of major holidays.

To see facility-specific information, please use the Facility drop down menu at the top of this page and select your location.

Rules and Safety

General rules for all Austin Sports Center locations are below. Additional policies and rules are outlined in individual rental agreements based upon location.

  • All Customers are to show respect to ASC Employees, Other attendees and the facility
  • Austin Sports Center reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that does not comply with facility policies.
  • Unattended items left in vehicles or lost at the facility are not the responsibility of Austin Sports Center.
  • Cars illegally parked are subject to towing without warning at owners expense. Do not park large vehicles in compact car-only spaces.
  • Parking is limited. Do not wait in fire lanes to pick up children at practice. Park your car and meet your child at the front door.
  • Specific court placement requests are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of Austin Sports Center.
  • Moving equipment requires permission of the Facility Director. Do not place tape on the floor or walls.
  • Trash must be disposed of properly. A cleaning fee will be assessed if trash is left after a rental group.


  • The following are not permitted at our facilities:
    • Unsupervised children
    • Ball handling or team warmups in the hallway
    • Outside chairs or seating structures
    • Blocking emergency exits with chair or backpacks. Walkways must be clear.
    • Climbing or sitting on equipment. Misuse of chairs, bleachers, benches, etc.
    • Coolers, food and drink (except for sealed sports drinks and water bottles). Concessions, food stands and vending machines are open for sale.
    • Alcohol (unless explicitly approved by the Facility Director)


Austin Sports Center offers a variety of job opportunities including roles as a concession stand, maintenance, janitorial or front desk worker. For position inquiries, please send a resume and contact information to info@austinsportscenter.com.

Sponsors & Advertising Opportunities

Over 300,000 individuals have visited Austin Sports Center since we first opened. With three facilities in Austin, your brand will be seen by a variety of unique customers during our events. Advertisement opportunities include wall banners, social media, webpage ads, and television advertising in our facilities. To start your partnership or sponsorship with Austin Sports Center, please contact info@austinsportscenter.com.

Tenants and External Clients

Austin Sports Center offers preferred bookings to long-term and larger recurring clients. For more information about becoming a tenant or long term client please contact:  info@austinsportscenter.com.

Organization Info Phone Email
Tier 1 Baseball https://www.t1baseball.com/ 512-573-7526 Tier1BaseballInfo@gmail.com
Helix Elite Performance (Strength Training) http://helixelite.com/ 512-692-2603    bruce@helixelite.com
Fairy Tale Threads https://fairytalethreads.com/ 512-850-3280 manager@fairytalethreads.com
Volleyball Austin https://volleyballaustin.leagueapps.com/ 512-298-2237 info@volleyballaustin.com
Austin Crew and Everything Social  https://acesintexas.com 512-850-3280 social@acesintexas.com
Sports Kind https://sportskind.com/austin/ 512-537-1000 austin@sportskind.com