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Austin Sports Center

Austin Junior Volleyball

AJV Boys Tryouts: Come Join Austin Junior Volleyball!

2018-2019 Tryout Info

AJV is excited to announce the tryout dates for the 2018-19 boys teams. Registration is now open! Athletes must the tryout to be placed on a team. If you are unable to attend, please e-mail Glen Lietzke at glen@austinsportscenter.com.

  • August 4th 2018 (4:00-7:00pm) Location: ASC South

Tryout Fee

Cost to tryout is $50 before Aug 1 ($75 on and after Aug 1th). Click here to register.

To be added to the e-mail list, contact glen@austinsportscenter.com

Tryout Process 

Tryouts are broken out in to 3 parts. All participants are first physically tested (height, reach, approach jump, block jump, shuttle run and basketball throw). Next, athletes are statistically and subjectively evaluated on their individual skills such as hitting, setting, passing, digging and blocking skills. Then, athletes will be evaluated in a live play situation. All participants have multiple opportunities to play in various situations like 6 vs 6 drills, 3 vs 3 and head to head match-ups.

At the end of the tryout, the process for announcing teams will be explained to all participants. AJV will make every effort to create as many teams as possible. Not everyone is guaranteed a spot. Participants accept their spot by paying the $400 deposit through AJV's online payment system.

No experience is required to tryout for AJV boys. We have a range of playing experience levels on all of our teams. AJV is committed to growing boys volleyball in Texas and creating as many opportunities to play as possible.  

Tryout locations

Austin Junior Volleyball has two locations where teams may train. However, the tryout will take place at the ASC South location. Click on links for addresses and maps:

Open Gym Date

AJV is hosting an open gym for anyone interested in learning more about our club, the coaches, the athletes and teams. No experience is required, open to any boy interested. The open gym is also for returning athletes. There is no cost or registration but we will have a check-in where we will collect contact information.

  • TBA

There will be a short informational meeting (during the open gym) where parents can ask questions and meet the AJV staff.


AJV Boys will make every attempt to accommodate as many athletes on as many teams as possible to continue growing the sport of boys' volleyball in the great state of Texas. 

Teams are generally composed of 8-11 athletes grouped in the same age division. Depending on ability, athletes may be selected to play in older age divisions. Our teams practice twice a week. Practice times range from 10am-7:30pm on Sundays and from 5:30pm-9:30pm Mondays through Thursdays. Our teams compete in local events, tournaments across Texas, and also national volleyball tournaments against other boys' volleyball clubs.

The Season

Open Gyms: Open gym provides opportunities for boys to get in the gym, meet the staff and ask question about the program. Dates will be announced soon.

Tryouts: Tryouts take place in August. All athletes must register and pay for tryouts on-line (register here). Athletes will be run through physical testing (height, reach, vertical, sprints), skill evaluation and 6 vs 6 competitions. Teams are formed based on the tryout performance and number of participants. If you cannot attend one of the sessions, please send AJV an e-mail. AJV tries to form as many teams as possible as one of our goals is to grow the sport. Tryout results and teams are announced by e-mail. 

Practices: After the announcement of teams, practices start in November. Teams practice twice a week, starting in November and lasting through the end of April. Practice locations are based on location request responses in the on-line registration form. Teams will have the option to continue to train through the summer at an additional cost.

Competitions: Teams mostly play in 2 day tournaments which start in December and end by May 1. Each team plays in at least 5 tournaments in a season. Tournaments will typically start at 12noon on a Saturday, play 3 to 5 matches verses different teams over a 6 to 8 hour period. Then come back on Sunday 8am and play 2 or 4 more matches. Tournament schedules are usually developed after the teams are formed as most tournaments do not announce their dates until December. Exact playing schedules (of each tournament are posted on-line usually the Wed before. 

End of Season: Teams end their season at the Lone Star Classic (last week of April) followed by the AJV Volleyball Banquet in Mid May. Teams will have the option of continuing through the summer at an additional cost.

Player Dues

Player dues are broken out in to the initial deposit, then monthly payments. The initial deposit is due once the teams are announced in August and is required to secure your place on the team. Then the monthly payments begin Oct 1. Player Dues are subject to change each year. 

Player dues cover: USAV registrations, uniforms, gym rentals, coaches' fees, tournament registrations and administrative.  For Uniforms, AJV will provide at least 2 jerseys, playing shorts, practice shirts, sweat shirt (or warm up jacket) and back packs. (Shoes are NOT provided but can be ordered at a reduced cost from the club). Food, transportation and player hotels (if needed) are NOT included. The season ends in April at the Lone Star Classic for all teams except 18 Mizuno, who will play through Boys Junior Nationals in the summer (see Tournament Schedule below). Players will have the option to extend the season to include attending the 2019 Boys Jr National Championships at an additional cost.

2018-2019 player dues will be determined at a later date. For reference, these are player dues from the previous season. 

2017-2018 Payment Schedule              
Team Deposit (at Tryouts) 1-Oct 1-Nov 1-Dec 1-Jan 1-Feb 1-Mar 1-Apr Total
12 Miz $400 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $0 $0 $1,400
14 Miz $500 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $0 $0 $2,000
15 Miz $500 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $2,600
16 Miz $500 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $2,600
17 Miz $500 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $2,600
18 Miz $500 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $300 $3,200

Practice Schedule

Practice location will be Austin Sports Center - South (with the possibility of practices at Austin Sports Center - Cedar Park if needed). 

2018-2019 practice schedules are TBD.

Tournament Schedule

Tournament schedules will be finalized around Oct/Nov. Below is an estimated schedule.

  Tentative 2019 Tournament Schedule (18 Miz, 17 Miz, 16 Miz, 15 Miz)
Date Event
Dec TBA Warm up Tournament
Jan 5-6 SWB Tour Stop #1: HVA Winter Classic - Richmond
Feb 2-3 Southwest Boys Classic Bid Tournament - Houston
Feb 16-17 SWB Tour Stop #2: AJV Spring Swing - Austin
March 2-3 SWB Tour Stop #3: Kaizen Boys Invitational - Oklahoma City
Mar 23-24 SWB Tour Stop #4: North Texas Challenge - Carrollton
Mar 30-31 SWB Tour Stop #5: Stewart Sheng Bayou Classic - New Orleans
Apr 13-14 SWB Tour Championships - Dallas
Mid-June Nationals Warm Up - Location TBA
Early July 2019 USAV Boys Nat'l Championships -  (Optional for 17,16,15 Miz)
  2018 Tournament Schedule (14 Miz, 12 Miz)
Date Event
Dec TBA Warm-up Tournament
Jan 5-6 SWB Tour Stop #1: HVA Winter Classic - Richmond
Feb 2-3 Southwest Boys Classic Bid Tournament - Houston
Feb 16-17 SWB Tour Stop #2: AJV Spring Swing - Austin
Mar 2-3 Local Girls Tournament
Mar 23-24 SWB Tour Stop #4: North Texas Challenge - Carrollton
Apr 13-14 SWB Tour Championships @ LSC - Dallas
Early July 2019 USAV Boys Nat'l Championships  (Optional)

Do you want to know more about AJV Boys?

If you have any questions about tryouts for our club, please contact Glen Lietzke at glen@austinsportscenter.com.