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Start 'em young, train 'em up

Join us as we introduce the game to the younger players in a fast, energetic environment meant to teach the game the right way and foster the love of the sport! Volleytotz will utilize lower nets, lighter volleyballs, activities and props to emphasize executing skills correctly while having a great time.

The innovative training methods used in Volleytotz are proven to train the mechanics of volleyball to very young athletes while they are having fun learning and moving. Trust us: you won't find another training program like this in the Central Texas area.

Each session will focus on one of the fundamentals of volleyball: movement, passing, setting, arm swing: overhand serving & hitting and then putting it all together. Start your volleyball path on the right foot with Volleytotz!

BUMPERS (4-7yrs)May 2 - May 304:30-5:30ASC Central$100 for 5 week package; $30/ drop in class
BUMPERS (4-7yrs)May 4 - June 15:00-6:00ASC Cedar Park$100 for 5 week package; $30/ drop in class
SPIKERS (8-10yrs)May 2-May 305:30-6:30ASC Central$100 for 5 session package; $30/ drop-in class
SPIKERS (8-10 yrs)May 4-June 16:00-7:00ASC Cedar Park$100 for 5 session package; $30/ drop-in class

trainer highlights

Volleytotz will be led by AJV coach Lindsey Harrison. Read her full bio here →

  • USAV Heart of America Youth Training Program Director
  • USAV U10 Tournament Director
  • MAVs Youth JO Trainer and Coach
  • MAVs U12 National Runner Up
  • AJV Coach of the Year
  • AJV Honorable Mention Coach & Team, 11 Molten

Why volleytotz?

  • Innovative, proven training methods with small courts, modified volleyballs, and props
  • Passionate trainers devoted to high level youth development
  • Focus on the mechanics to build good habits early
  • Open to boys and girls
  • Access to Austin Junior Volleyball, the top club volleyball program in the Central Texas area