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Austin Sports Center

Austin Junior Volleyball

Academy: Overview


The Academy program is designed to prepare athletes to play in a team environment. It is a step above a recreational league but without the demands of a club level program. Each athlete is placed in a division based on their age and skill level.  All coaches are paid experts. They help guide each athlete to develop as leaders on the court and adapt to play with any environment. Athletes have the option to add a second night of training in a skill training class for a discounted rate.  Athletes are invited to the program through Evaluations or our AD Training programs. 

Dates of Fall Program




Fall Academy Runs September 10th - November 3rd

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Junior Academy | Ages 7-12

RequirementMust pass 5-point AD Assessment

Junior Academy is the first level of the program Athletes play small sided formats and are randomly assigned to teams based off their level. All the games are modified to help the athletes understand all parts of the game. Coaches modify the rules and adapt to allow most efficient use of the play.  Rather than playing traditional games, athletes are placed in a play based atmosphere that play similar training games that High School or College use during practice.

Pricing is based on a 4 week model which allows athletes to move between sports if they choose. Each month allows for 4 hours of practice as well as 4 play hours. 

Premier Academy | Ages 10-14

Requirement: Must be recommended by a coach and complete an evaluation

The Premier Academy transitions players from small sided play based training into traditional games.  During game days, players are randomly assigned team based off their skill levels. The format forces athletes to adapt to team mates and teaches how to play in uncomfortable settings. This is a skill set that top level players achieve through years of pick up and playing outside game focus. Each sport modifies rules to allow for the most productive play.

Select Academy | 11-15

In the Select Division, players are placed on teams. These teams practice and play over the season. The games are played as internal games against other Select team. The season ranges from 8 – 20 weeks depending on the time of year.

Updated on 9/19/2018