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Austin Sports Center

Austin Junior Volleyball

About AJV Sand: Overview

Here is a list of the various programs we offer in our AJV Sand program year round.

2017 AJV Sand - Summer Programs

Our main club season will be a 12 week program, which will run from Mid-May  to Early- August. We are proud to be offering 3 training days a week. Not only will we be offering 3 days of training up North and 2 days down south, but we will be offering morning and evening training sessions, once school is out, up North only.  This is a total of 66 different sessions to train and play sand volleyball! Visit our club information page for more information. 

Summer Sand Club registration is now open!


These are 6 week athletic developmental programs that focus on building the foundation of a life-long athlete.  The sand training is designed for younger athletes who are just starting volleyball and want to develop the base skills for future training.

Intro to Sports- Ages 6- 8 $89

Bringing back the fun of neighborhood games, athletes are taught to use any ball on the sand and turn any activity into a game. This program focuses on team work and communication as teams of 2-4 navigate through multi-sport circuit based training program.

  • 1 hour of training a week, on Tuesdays or Thursdays

Learn to Play- Ages 9- 11 $89

This program is the introductory point to team based training. Athletes are training in teams of 2-4 players and play simulated games, modified to help with development. 

  • 30 minutes of training and 30 mins of games, on Tuesdays or Thursdays

Dates: Summer I May 16th- June 22nd 4:30- 5:30 pm

           Summer II June 27th- August 3rd 8:30- 9:30 am

Location: ASC Sand Complex 1401 Toro Grande Blvd Cedar Park, TX

Program Includes: 12:1 Athletes to Coach ratio, 8:1 Athlete to Coach ratio. Athletes will be separated by age and skill level.

Summer II Registration

AJV Sand - Fall Program

This is an eight week program that runs from August to October.  It is the perfect compliment to indoor school ball or for the year round beach athlete.  Check back during the summer for more information.

AJV Sand - Winter Program

Once school ball is over, this 6 week program allows the indoor athletes and year round beach athletes to extend their play and get extra reps during November- December.  There is also January training on selected days, weather permitted.  More information will be available in September.

AJV Sand - Spring Program

This is two six week programs, running from Late January through the end of April.  Players begin to advance the individual skills of sand volleyball into partner dynamics to gear up for the main summer season.  Check back at the end of the year for more information.

AJV Sand - Tournaments

There will be tournaments all over the nation and state.  AJV Sand is proud to be hosting the Lone Star Beach Classic National Qualifier, AVP 1st Qualifiers, RoxVB Series, along with other local AJV Sand events.  For more information please visit our tournament page.

For more information on any of the above programs please contact sand@austinsportscenter.com